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About Us

Swift Junk Removal & Recycling is a family owned and operated business serving the greater LA and Ventura County. We will provide professional,  prompt, reliable, and honest service. In addition, we pride ourselves in providing our customers exceptional service at lowest rates. Most noteworthy we strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Our service will include delivery, trash pick-up, cleaning and recycling. Once the trash reaches our recycling center we will sort the electronic items, food waste, house hold junk, and appliances..First of all, food waste is degraded using our digesters and converted into high grade fertilizer. Secondly, the electronic items and appliances are sent to EPA approved facilities where they are broken down into their individual components and reused in a new process again. Finally, during sorting or pick up we will ensure any household items and furniture which are in good condition are donated.

We will provide service for your residential, commercial and industrial junk removal needs. If you need our service once or multiple times we will be there for you. Also, don't forget to ask discount if you are ordering multiple times, we will be glad to knock off the price considerably for our returning loyal customers.

We have removed as little as one sofa from a house and as much as 50 plus truck loads from an office building. The size of work does not matter to us. We have removed junk from houses, apartments, construction sites, condominiums, storage rooms,  real estate properties that need to be rented out or sold, garages, and debris from construction sites.


Why choose Swift Junk Removal?

  • Licensed and fully insured
  • No hidden costs and surprises in our quotes
  • Same day on time service
  • We will recycle all the junk
  • Donate items that are still in good condition
  • Environmental Friendly


Commercial Junk Removal

We will clean up public storage, warehouses, industrial, and construction sites. Furthermore we have a trained crew and equipment to work on large scale project.


Residential Junk Removal

Working on a home renovation project? Or want to remove unwanted junk that is taking all your space in the garage? Don’t worry we will haul anything you want from your property.

Office Junk Removal

If you need to remove cabinets, desks, cubicles, furniture from your office, we will do it for you. We will also assist you in relocating your office furniture and equipment.

Electronic Recycling

We take incredible care in appropriately recycling your electronic waste. E-waste such as computers, laptops, printers will be recycled at EPA approved recycling centers only.

Real Estate clean up

If you need to clean up a real estate property before sale or rental we will do it for you.

Home Appliance Recycling

We will take your old used appliances to our recycling site. At the recycling center, they are broken down into individual parts and reused again.

Environment Friendly


The most important part for us other than our customers is taking care of our environment. We employ green processes, practices, technologies wherever possible in order to enhance conservation and reduce waste.

Together we can ensure a cleaner and greener environment.