Junk Removal Services

How it Works?

                                                                           Call now for trash pickup

Step 1: Friendly, uniformed drivers will confirm the price up front before any hauling begins


Step 2:  We remove your junk, sweep the site thoroughly and haul it away to our recycling center


Junk removal services

Step 3: We recycle about 70-80% of the junk hauled away from the job site. All items in good condition are donated.

Household Junk Removal

No job is too big or small for swift junk removal team. If you are planning to work on your next home  renovation or kitchen renovation project, then call us to provide you the best service at affordable price. Home renovation can cost thousands of dollars and by using our service we can ensure that we are not adding to your already expensive quotes.

Also, if you need to remove your mattress, couch, heavy appliance, garage equipment, yard waste, tree trimmings, carpet or any other item that's holding up space in your house and you need to get rid off then please call us and we will assist you in hauling it out of your house.

couch removal
furniture removal
mattress removal

Commerical Junk Removal

We have worked with several companies and served various industries in LA and Ventura County. From commercial cleanups, office junk removal to construction debris hauling, we are your de-clutter experts.

Real Estate and Property Management

Have a property to be sold or rented again? Need to remove the junk left behind by the tenants and previous owners? Want to clean up the entire property thoroughly? Don't sweat.

We will provide you unparalleled service which will make your property look like new. Also, if you are working on multiple properties, we can work with you at a discounted price.

Construction Site Clean up

Need debris hauled, scrap metal removed, or building material such as bricks, concrete, roofing taken out, then we are your one stop shop. We have a highly trained and professional staff who can work with you in order to complete your job in a timely manner. Also, we are licensed, bonded and fully insured.

Industrial Clean up Service

Need a weekly or monthly clean up service for your industrial need, we are equipped to handle all types of waste. Just call us and we can provide you more information based on your needs.

Medical equipment removal
hazardous waste disposal

Office Junk Hauling

If you are relocating or decommissioning your office or facility and need someone to clean the junk left behind then we are your best contact. We will remove all the office furniture, cubicles, any equipment, computer work station for you.

We know the importance of staying on schedule and are extremely swift at removing office junk, we will complete the job within 1 business day.

Removing a cubicle or a cabinet can cause headaches or even injury and could take considerable amount of time. Don't waste your time and resources where you shouldn't, just give us a call and we will come and complete your job per your timeline.

Call us if you need to remove chairs, desks, cubicles, conference tables, cabinets from your office. Even if  you need us to remove a piece furniture during a normal working day, we will ensure its done without any disturbance to your daily operation.

Office cubicle removal
Office cabinets removal
Office clean up

Electronic Recycling

Several electronic items such as batteries, TV's, computer monitors, computer accessories like printers, scanners, keyboards, phones, are considered as e-waste, and regulated by environmental protection agency (EPA). Electronic waste is considered as hazardous waste in California. Disposing e-waste into our environment can cause significant harm to humans, animals as well as the environment. Considerable care should be taken in order to dispose e-waste. E-waste products contain heavy metals like cadmium,  chromium, lead, and copper that can contaminate the environment. DO NOT discard these items in the trash can or your recycling bins. We will collect them for you and dispose them safely.

At Swift junk removal we ensure that all the e-waste is recycled at a EPA approved recycling facility.

appliance removal
appliance recycling
Appliance removal