Text us the picture of the trash at 818-800-2663, and we will send you an estimate over the phone.

Local Hauling Service
Volume Based Pricing
Our rubbish removal pricing is based on volume. How much space your trash will take up in our truck, and not by the time it will take us to remove the junk. Furthermore it will include labor (rubbish removal from anywhere on your property), dumping & recycling fees, hauling (transportation to goodwill, recycling centers, or landfills), general clean up, and taxes.
Dump Truck Size
Most noteworthy is that we honor the price quoted to you prior to your appointment. When you order from us, we ensure that there are no hidden costs or surprises. Our prices will be based on the space occupied in our 15 cubic yard dump trucks. The dump truck bed dimensions are 10 feet  X 8 feet X 5 feet = 400 cubic feet. While scheduling a  rubbish removal service, please keep in mind that most of our competitors have smaller trucks. The smaller trucks will hold less trash as a result costing you more. Our trucks are lot bigger and therefore will cost you much lesser than our competitors.

Our rubbish removal prices start from $125 and are based on the amount of junk we need to remove and your location.

Rubbish Removal Pricing for LA and Ventura County

Why use our service for rubbish removal?

Call us now for your rubbish removal needs. Want your old furniture, mattress, or office junk removed, just call us and we will haul, clean, and recycle all the items. No work is too small or big for us. We will take a job as small as removing a piece of furniture like mattress from your home to debris removal at a construction site. Do not call the big franchises, they are expensive and have numerous hidden costs. When it comes to junk removal, our local service will provide you affordable and professional service.

We understand home renovation and office furniture clean up can be very stressful. Our highly skilled crew will ensure that the job is properly done and in a timely manner.